Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yup, I'm sick. Been sick for more than three weeks now. Started out as a nasty sore throat from a post-nasal drip, and worked its way down. Got it from my wife and daughter about two weeks after they came down with it. None of us ever had a fever.

It's never been debilitating, but it hasn't been fun, either.

I stayed home from work for a good portion of the time, but not before getting everything I needed to telecommute. Going forward I will probably telecommute one day a week, compared to zero days per week before.

When I've gone to work at all, I've driven. No sense in subjecting a busload of strangers to whatever it is that I have. I still have a cough and some sinus congestion, but every day there's less of it. I will probably return to biking to work later this week.

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